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What does the ski/snowboard warranty policy cover?Updated a year ago


Use any ski/snowboard for up to 3 days within a 14 day period (starting upon delivery of your ski/snowboard). If you are not completely satisfied then return the ski/snowboard for a full refund minus shipping costs from and to High Society.

Boards and skis are subject to inspection upon return and must be in resalable condition. This means no rock damage/ impacted edges/ core shots/ delamination/ etc…

*Guarantee subject to change/termination at any time.

This Limited Warranty is void if

(a) the product has been subjected to abuse, misuse, or neglect

(b) the product has been improperly repaired, or repaired by an unauthorized company

(c) the product has been altered or modified in any manner

(d) the product’s bindings have been mounted more than once, or

This Limited Warranty does not cover

(a) damage caused by impact with rocks, tree stumps, rails, or any surface other than snow

(b) damage caused by backseat landings, falls or crashes

(c) damage caused by improper mounting or adjustment of bindings, including bindings pulling out of the product

(d) minor base irregularities

(e) peeling, chipping, scratching or indentation of the topsheet

(f) graphic fading or discoloration

(g) damage due to normal wear and tear, or

(h) products that were lost or stolen


- Products purchased from vendors other than High Society

- Products sold to someone under a different name than the name of the original purchaser

- Products purchased in used or open box condition from www.highsocietyfreeride.com or the High Society store on Amazon

- Products purchased in bulk or with a bulk discount

- Any customer-initiated modifications

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