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If you're having trouble with an HS product, we're here to help.

Why isn't my manual pump gauge registering?

The hand pump gauge only begins to register when there is at least 7-8 PSI in the board. The board will feel very firm at that point, and you will start to feel some resistance as you pump. We suggest you keep pumping until it starts to register. If

What happens if I break a fin?

Fins are not covered by any sort of warranty. They are thin so they can break easily if you're not careful. Never put the board down on the ground, fins first if the long fin is installed. When in doubt, take the middle fin out!. Be very careful in s

Why is my valve leaking air?

If your valve is leaking air, first check the valve for debris or broken parts. If it is all good, then while the board is deflated, use the valve tool from the orange repair kit to tighten the valve. All you need to do is line up the teeth and gentl

How do I reattach the D-ring?

How do I repair an iSUP puncture?

Here are instructions for performing a patch repair using the included repair kit:1. Spray soapy water onto your board to locate the leak.2. Clean the soap off, and use a pencil to mark the spot where the leak is coming from.3. Deflate the board and

Where does the o-ring go on the manual pump?

All of our manual pumps come with a spare o-ring. There will be one attached to the pump correctly, and a spare one that is loose in the bag. No need to attach it anywhere!