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How do I inflate my iSUP?Updated a year ago


  1. Your HS ISUP is equipped with a high-pressure valve. Unscrew the cap and check if the valve is closed by pushing the spring-loaded stem down and turning it. If the stem stays down, the valve is open, and air will escape after pumping. To close it, push the stem down and turn it counterclockwise until it springs up. It is now a one way air valve, and air can be pumped into the valve but can not escape out of the valve.

  2. Attach your pump hose to the valve by turning the nozzle clockwise to lock it in place.

  3. Inflate to the recommended PSI which is written on the valve ring. The manual pump will not register until 7-8 PSI. Keep pumping if the gauge has not registered. Only use HS branded or approved electric pumps with an automatic shutoff to avoid over inflation. Never use an air compressor.

  4. After inflation, disconnect the hose from the valve by pressing it down and turning counterclockwise. Close the valve with the cap.

*When inflated, there may be a small bump on the bottom of the board, directly underneath the valve. This is normal and will not effect its performance. This space is necessary during manufacturing to insert and connect the valve to the board.

*Never transport the HS ISUP fully inflated. Damages or warping incurred by improper transport are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

*Do not leave your HS ISUP in direct sunlight when out of the water. Find a shaded area for it. Prolonged sun exposure can damage the board and increase the internal pressure beyond the maximum safety recommendation, and void the warranty.

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