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iSUP Set Up

We'll guide you through unboxing and set up of your new paddle board.

My iSUP just arrived. How do I set it up?

Our High Society iSUP Unboxing and Set Up video is the best place to get started. For more detailed information on your specific model, be sure to check out the instruction manual for your model.

How do I safely use my iSUP?

Observe all local and national laws.Always wear a coast guard approved Personal Flotation Device.Never use the board beyond your skills or abilities.Do not use the board in adverse weather conditions.Minors must be supervised at all times.Learn about

Where could I get a copy of the manual?

2023 ZG ISUP Manual. 2023 Elevation ISUP Manual. 2023 Wolf ISUP Manual. 2023 USS HS ISUP Manual. 2023 Shadowcaster ISUP Manual. 2023 Sundeck Inflatable Dock Manual

How do I inflate my iSUP?

Inflation. Your HS ISUP is equipped with a high-pressure valve. Unscrew the cap and check if the valve is closed by pushing the spring-loaded stem down and turning it. If the stem stays down, the valve is open, and air will escape after pumping. To c

How do I deflate my iSUP?

Deflation. Make sure that the valve area is dry. Unscrew the valve cap and push the valve stem down lightly. Air will rush out quickly at first, then slowly release. Once air release slows, push the valve stem down and turn it clockwise to keep the v

How do I install the fin?

Your HS iSUP is equipped with two rubberized side bite fins that are fixed, and one removable center fin. How to install the center fin depends on which type of fin you have:. Tethered clip fin (ZG, Elevation, Wolf, USS HS, and Flash models). Quick c

How do I attach the leash to the iSUP?

Attaching the leash to the paddle board is simple! Watch this video to learn how to do it correctly:. Please note that ankle leashes are not recommended in swift water. Waist leashes with quick release mechanisms are recommended for areas where the l

How do I attach the kayak blade?

Attaching the kayak blade to our premium paddle:.