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How do I know what size snowboard I need?Updated a year ago

The three main factors to take into consideration are your weight, your skill level and the type of terrain you are going to be riding. The boards don't react to the users height, but they do react to the users weight and ability to apply pressure to the effective edges. A board that is too small with over flex and feel loose and unstable. A board that is too big will be too stiff and will be harder to turn and manipulate. 

Boot size is also a factor to consider when choosing a snowboard. Our standard with boards will accommodate a men's 10.5-11, depending on the boot/binding combo and desired riding angles. We do have wide boards to accept the bigger sizes. 

If the user is a novice to intermediate, a shorter board that fits in the proper weight index will be a bit easier to learn on and gain confidence. A longer board will be better for more aggressive riders looking for more stability at high speeds, better landing platform and more float in the powder. Also, as our boards get longer, the flex pattern gets progressively stiffer.

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