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Information about our products, availability and how to care for them.

How do I clean and store my iSUP?

Clean your board and accessories thoroughly after each use, rinsing off any sand or saltwater residue. Use a mild soapy solution for cleaning.Make sure the board is completely dry before storing it.When storing your board, keep it in a cool and dry p

How do I safely use my iSUP?

Observe all local and national laws.Always wear a coast guard approved Personal Flotation Device.Never use the board beyond your skills or abilities.Do not use the board in adverse weather conditions.Minors must be supervised at all times.Learn about

What are your iSUPs made of?

Our inflatable paddle boards are all made from commercial grade, drop stitch PVC with laminated reinforcements. We offer ultralight, single layered boards, as well as dual layered boards that are made with fusion technology.

Where are you products made?

Our company is based in Aspen, Colorado, which is where we design and test all of our gear. Our skis and snowboards are made here in Colorado, and we manufacture as many products here as possible, along with using local artists for all of our graphic

Do your paddles float?

Generally speaking, no, the aluminum paddles do not float. If you drop one in the water it will float for a short amount of time before filling with water and sinking. If you are concerned about losing a paddle to the depths, we recommend attaching a

How do I reduce the cosmetic creasing on my Sundeck?

The Sundeck may arrive with cosmetic creasing in the EVA pad due to shipping. This is normal and will not affect the performance of the dock.The creasing is a result of packaging/folding necessary to ensure safe and cost-effective shipping, and is co

The item I want is out of stock. Can I pre-order?

All items available for pre-order will be noted as available for purchase on our site with the estimated ship date. Our website will always have our most up to date info on our current inventory and availability.

What is the recommended mounting position for skis?

|-C. This is the length center of the ski. Mount here if you are skiing predominately in the park. Best skis for this mount position are the Berzerk and Unseen. Larger park riders will also mount the FRC at this location. |-PBC. "Progressive Boot Cen

How do I know what size snowboard I need?

The three main factors to take into consideration are your weight, your skill level and the type of terrain you are going to be riding. The boards don't react to the users height, but they do react to the users weight and ability to apply pressure to

Do I need to wax or tune my new skis/snowboard?

All High Society products come out of the factory waxed up and tuned, ready to shred. However, we do recommend a deep hot wax application by a professional tune shop either before your first run, or after your first day. It'll keep your base in great

How do I attach additional D-rings to my paddle board?

How do I modify my iSUP to be kayak seat compatible?

If you have an older model HS paddle board that is not kayak seat compatible, then you can make this modification following these basic guidelines. 1. You will need 4 D-rings and HS-66 vinyl cement repair glue. A green scrub pad can also be used at t