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How do I reduce the cosmetic creasing on my Sundeck?Updated a year ago

The Sundeck may arrive with cosmetic creasing in the EVA pad due to shipping. This is normal and will not affect the performance of the dock.

  • The creasing is a result of packaging/folding necessary to ensure safe and cost-effective shipping, and is common in all large, dock-like products in the market
  • To reduce and ultimately remove the creases requires a combination of: i) inflation; ii) moisture, and iii) time. Inflate the dock and add a small amount of water to the creased area, allowing the foam trackpad to expand and return to it’s original form. This may take a few weeks and/or 4-6 episodes of use to complete the transition
  • The dock also contains a carry strap that offers a ‘rolled storage’ option which will also help to resolve creasing and prevent it in the future
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